Warmer Conservatories

Conservatory too hot in the summer and too cold in the  Winter?

Then we have the solution for you. By insulating your  conservatory roof you can enjoy it all the year round. 

Some of the benefits include;

  • Warmer in the Winter.

  • Cooler in the Summer.

  • Reduced energy costs

  • Less rain noise

'Huge Difference'

"It has made a huge difference to our conservatory, we use it all year.  Having an insulated ceiling installed has made the space much more pleasant . Thanks.   J & M

Planning Permission

Is local planning permission required? No you are converting the inside of an existing building.

Building Regs

Do I need Building Regulations Approval?  No Conservatories are exempt!

How Long?

The average sized conservatory only takes two to three day depending on your requirements.

Loss of light?

There will be some loss of light but your windows will not be obstructed so your conservatory will still be usable.

How Much?

The cost will depend upon the size of your conservatory and the type of solution you choose but in general it is cheaper than ceiling blinds or a new lounge carpet!

Wooden framework

We create a roof space inside your conservatory roof.  Other than a small vent, there is nothing to be seen from the outside.


We use the market leading insulation board that is then covered with plasterboard and skimmed with plaster.


Subject to the type of your conservatory, we can install flat, pitched or an 'orangery style ceiling.

What we offer

We will install  to the highest standards of quality. We use materials that comply with British Standards. We guarantee our workmanship.